Energizing programs and helping strengthen development campaigns, EMathlosophy has the unique ability to help companies deliver on their mission. Whether you are entering into your first major giving cycle or have a working planned giving model with a major system change, we can help further your progress to ensure you have the resources to continue your programs and grow profitably.

Entering Culture

A successful transformation starts with a clear understanding of the culture. Only once the culture is identified and understood can you set clear and achievable goals and determine what the obstacles are.

  • What is the ultimate goal of the business?
  • What is the ultimate goal of the transformation?

Evaluate Culture


To ensure a successful transformation, organizations need teams of committed people with strong interpersonal relationships and shared goals. Establish a high-performance team culture.

  • Do team members demonstrate blind trust?
  • Do team members handle conflict constructively?

Enhancing Culture

Using the right tools and practices is critical to building a truly EMathlosophy Culture. Always question the tools and practices in use and aim to stay lean. The right tools can enhance your company exponentially!

  • Are teams OK to fail fast and change direction?
  • Do teams question practices and tools?

Exit With A Winning Culture!

Building an EMathlosophy Culture is a journey rather than a destination. It takes time and patience to achieve and commitment and nurturing to sustain. To build an ECulture, you must be willing to change the way people relate and interact with systems and processes.