Ready For Change?


Is your organization ready for change? What strength and weaknesses does your leadership and employees bring to the table? Are there any time bombs that need to be addressed before our initial assessment? Until the problem has been identified the solution will always be suspect. Our assessment can also be used as a first step in egging employees. Change is indeed a process for all!


Mergers & Acquisitions

Based on our experience and research, between 60% and 85% of Mergers & Acquisitions fail. One of the major reasons is traced back to a lack of cultural due diligence. Taking the time to undertake a full Eevaluation before signing on the line can not only highlight Mergers & Acquisitions which should not take place at all, it can also help to pave the way for culture change implementation.

Employee Engagement


From developing understanding to designing a solution the E4 Mathlosophy Culture of products and engagement solutions helps organizations to align people with business strategy. Our team will help your organization in finding the direct and indirect correlations between data (mathematics) and company philosophy (culture). Employee engagement is imperative for all organizations who want to optimize profitability.


Our EMathlosphy Culture Develops Leaders And Enhances Systems

From executive coaching to developing leaders, our EMathlosophy Culture products and leadership solutions enable leaders to take their organization to the next level. Leaders can arise at any level within an organization and some can be the most influential when it comes to successfully embracing and embedding change. Leadership is a journey not a destination and to carry the team with them leaders need to be confident of themselves and of their leadership style. Leadership coaching helps enhance and hone the skills which they will need to optimize organization performance.


From the identification of strengths and weaknesses to an Evaluation as a prelude to Mergers & Acquisitions, the E4 Culture of products and solutions helps organizations to understand their DNA. Basically, if you don't know where you are then you are never going to arrive at the destination you desire. Cultural assessments can help to drive successful Mergers & Acquisitions, to integrate new processes and to form the basis for a strategic review. Every challenge is unique. Using a mix of qualitative and quantitative assessment enables us to maximize results while minimizing disruptions.