Designing a set of beliefs and behaviors which correlate employees with strategy, thus creating a strong future for a business. Understanding that a culture change is required is one thing, creating the conditions in which the culture can change is quite another. Changing a culture means changing the behaviors of people on an individual level as well as building a supporting business culture to ensure that the new culture sticks. Our Team is skilled at designing creative, usable, fit for purpose solutions that will guarantee success.

Why a Culture Change?

Truth? Business culture does change all the time but it is up to the leadership whether this change is a chaotic reaction to outside influences or a controlled and measured drive towards creating exceptional results. When 93% of executives believe adopting an innovation culture is key to success and yet only 18% believe their strategy will deliver this success, you know that serious change is needed.

Benefits for Change

Taking the time to design a culture change means that when change is rolled out it has a far greater chance of success. Put simply, if leaders want competitive advantage, engaged employees, a great reputation and satisfied customers then designing the culture of the future needs to start NOW! The game has changed. It is now about how you do things and that means it is about culture!

Measuring Change

When designing and embedding culture change the golden rule is to measure, act, measure again in a never-ending pattern. Culture change is not a one-time process which can be forgotten about. It is a continuous process of improvements which reacts to changing conditions. Team OCC will help you build, communicate and embed the right culture.



Only by defining vision, values and behavior, mapping them into attitudes, beliefs and behaviors and then planning a structured and coherent roll out which encompasses excellent communications and a buy-in from middle management can a culture change succeed. Competitive advantage is all about creating a great company with a strong culture.